GT750 Side cover badges

Here are comparison pictures showing three variants of the side cover badges for 1974-77 Suzuki GT750 models.

On top you see the original GT750 emblem. The "GT" letters is originally painted in a kind of flake orange.
The color may have faded from some 30 years on a bike.

At the bottom you see a later original part available from Suzuki.
Suzuki painted these is a "plain red" color.

In the middle you see a reproduction part from "BadgeReplicas", an Australian company.
I prefer that variant over the later Suzuki "red" one, the finish of the arriving badges Brian sent was superb.

With the badges comes a sheet of paper advising to heat the badge a bit before the slight bending
needed to fit the shape of the cover. My advice is to not put it in boiling water, it seems the finish
can fade a bit from doing that. I think you can just do the small bending as-is without any risk for cracks in the paint.

Here you see a photo of the reproduction installed on my side covers. It is as good as it ever needs to be:

They are the BadgeReplicas part no. "SS02", AU$38.50 each + postage.
My PayPal cost for two badges was AUD 84.50 shipped to Sweden (opposite side of the Globe) => USD 65.40 total

See for their range of badges.
You order by sending email to Brian Cutler at :