The GT750 Pipe Dream

Shows pictures of the complete GT750 J-K NOS exhaust system I was able to find..
Since these parts are extremely rare today I found it worthwhile to document the
appearance before I contaminate them with oily exhaust for the first time.
These parts are not for sale, pictures are for pure documentation purposes only.

The photos show the left outer pipe, mounting parts and the center front pipe.


LH Outer muffler in original wrapping + misc mounting parts

Center front pipe..

Center front pipe..

Center front pipe closeups..

Center muffler mounting brackets and gaskets

Center muffler mounting bracket detail view...
Bracket touches camera front lens here..

Unscratched surface of LH outer muffler..

Exhaust cones..

LH Outer pipe detail..

LH Outer pipe inner front view..

Misc gaskets and parts..

Crossover pipe..

LH Outer muffler baffle mounting screw...

LH Outer muffler front closeup..

Muffler mounting bolts...

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